VIFF IMMERSED Volumetric Market 2020

BEFORE OUR TIME was selected for the 2020 VIFF IMMERSED Volumetric Market. The market brought together leaders in art, tech, and entertainment to discover the next wave of great XR volumetric narrative content from live-action, documentary and animation. Presented by VIFF and produced by Kaleidoscope, the two-day, virtual event featured talks, networking, and an exhibition of volumetric films available to fund and distribute.

Sixteen volumetric films were exhibited on the Museum of Other Realities in their native format. The program was divided into two sections; completed projects ready for distribution and in-development work looking for funding. XR creators had the opportunity to pitch their projects to potential investors, licensees and distributors.

The VIFF Immersed Marketplace is the only global leader dedicated to the entire cycle of the Canadian XR content process. From funding the production to finding a platform for its presentation once it’s market-ready, VIFF Immersed is the only XR marketplace that prioritizes the success of export-ready Canadian content.

Watch a replay of the presentation here:

Our Project Partner, Occupied VR

To begin this adventure, we’ve begin working on a prototype application built with Unity. This prototype experience places you inside the megalithic ruins of Sacsaywaman, Quenco, and Inkilltambo near the city of Cusco, Peru.  Giving you a chance to explore the ruins on your own, or guided by seasoned guides and academic experts.

To accomplish this, we’ve teamed up with Toronto-based virtual reality developer, OccupiedVR. Over the past 5 years Occupied has been delivering some of the most exciting world-class VR experiences and we’re excited to bring the same level of quality they’ve become known for to “Before Our Time”.

And now, with principal photography for the prototype wrapped, and over 25 thousand images captured, we look forward to releasing a fully playable prototype this summer.