The VR Experience

From curious explorers to professional academics, “Before Our Time” offers an unprecedented level of exploration to the world’s most ancient and mysterious ruins. Unlike traditional video and 360 tours, Before Our Time provides a single access point on your desktop or in a VR headset to view multiple global locations in photo-realistic 8K stereo 360 imagery as well as volumetric, fully- explorable photogrammetric models. It’s like Google Earth for ancient ruins.

Within the “Before Our Time” application via a virtual globe of the Earth, users navigate to notable ancient ruins of the world where they engage in guided, voice-over narrated content. While listening to key figures in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, geology, and astronomy, users can engage with evidence first-hand that explores the idea that some areas of the sites may be older than conventional wisdom suggests. 

View the 360 Highlights Reel: