Our Earth’s history is full of mysteries. Nearly every part of the world has a landscape riddled with ancient ruins. Just when we think we understand how it all it all happened, new evidence emerges, and new theories gain traction. There is so much we don’t know. And so much out there that remains unseen. But now with modern technology, we’re starting to give more people the chance to explore these mysteries on their own, without even leaving their home.

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In 2018, NASA Goddard institute published a paper investigating how modern day science might detect evidence of a previous indiginous technological civilization in remote antiquity. Inspired by this idea, “Before Our Time” is an interactive documentary-style VR experience that investigates the possibility that an advanced civilization once existed on Earth but was utterly decimated by cataclysmic events. These events occurred 12,900 years ago during the Younger Drys Period and are now well-documented in the geological record. Using a combination of 3D-360 filming, next-generation photogrammetry, 3D volumetric reconstruction, and 2D supplemental material, the experience immerses users in an interactive virtual world filled with evidence from around the world.

Virtual explorers are guided by observations and narrations added by key figures in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, geology, and astronomy. Our contributors will be a mix of both academic and experienced non-academic professionals recognized for their expertise. “Before Our Time” aims to be the premiere virtual exploration application for ancient sites around the world.

The VR Experience

From curious explorers to professional academics, “Before Our Time” offers an unprecedented level of exploration to the world’s most ancient and mysterious ruins. Unlike traditional video and 360 tours, Before Our Time provides a single access point on your desktop or in a VR headset to view multiple global locations in photo-realistic 8K stereo 360 imagery as well as volumetric, fully- explorable photogrammetric models. It’s like Google Earth for ancient ruins.

Within the “Before Our Time” application via a virtual globe of the Earth, users navigate to notable ancient ruins of the world where they engage in guided, voice-over narrated content. While listening to key figures in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, geology, and astronomy, users can engage with evidence first-hand that explores the idea that some areas of the sites may be older than conventional wisdom suggests. 

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VIFF IMMERSED Volumetric Market 2020

BEFORE OUR TIME was selected for the 2020 VIFF IMMERSED Volumetric Market. The market brought together leaders in art, tech, and entertainment to discover the next wave of great XR volumetric narrative content from live-action, documentary and animation. Presented by VIFF and produced by Kaleidoscope, the two-day, virtual event featured talks, networking, and an exhibition …


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